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IBM Information on Demand (IOD)


Chegou o dia da viagem, estamos indo ao IBM IOD, evento muito importante dentro da Brand de Software da IBM.

Irei participar de várias palestras e sessões técnicas, claro que estarei nas principais sessões de Informix, mas vou focar em Infosphere, Solidb e soluções para MDM.

Segue abaixo a lista de palestrasr/sessões técnicas de Informix:

1227 Upgrading Hardware and IBM Informix Dynamic Server with Zero Downtime

Network IP recently migrated all of their database servers to IBM hardware and upgraded to IBM Dynamic Server 11.5 at the same time. Learn how they achieved this rolling upgrade with zero downtime.

1231 SOA Enablement on IBM Informix 4GL: Reinvigorating Legacy Business Logic

IBM Informix 4GL (I4GL) has come up with several releases for the SOA enablement of the product. Prior to I4GL-SOA, organizations seeking flexibility and interoperation of their I4GL code with other languages across diverse locations had only one option -- rewrite the code using a modern programming language. I4GL-SOA has not only enabled customers to publish their business logic as Web services, but also enabled consumption of other Web services on the Internet by I4GL. The product renders flexibility to distributed systems by ensuring seamless operation across multiple programming languages and platforms. Customers save precious dollars in time and effort by reusing code published as Web services in other locations worldwide.

1309 Tuning Informix in a Sandbox Environment

At GSN Digital, formerly WorldWinner, the use of Exact Solutions? iCapture and iReplay products to capture and replay 100% of production SQL calls in a dedicated engineering sandbox allows for empirical measurement of these changes before they take place in production. The empirical tests show what gains are achieved with changes to the ONCONFIG parameter values, to table and index fragmentation strategies, and utilization of new IBM Informix Dynamic Server functionality. The ability to automatically and properly handle transactions open when a level 0 begins is one of the valuable features.

1400 Integrating IBM Informix Dynamic Server with the Enterprise: An Overview

In this session, we will look at how IBM Informix Dynamic Server can integrate with the enterprise. We will discuss the use of standard interfaces, homogeneous and heterogeneous replication, Web services, message queues and more.

1404 Virtualization and Cloud Computing with IBM Informix Dynamic Server

This session outlines IBM's strategy for virtualization and cloud computing with IBM Informix. It includes an overview of the latest Informix virtual machine and cloud computing offerings, and how to start using them. The session will also include how to leverage Informix features, such as high availability, to add value to your solutions deployed in cloud computing environments, such as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

1409 Introduction to IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.5

The talk will focus on the new features added in IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.5, and how they help your business.

1410 Using IBM Informix in Telecommunications

IBM Informix has become the database of choice in the telecommunications market. Come learn more about why Informix is such a good fit.

1430 IBM Informix Warehouse -- Product and Roadmap

This talk will describe the IBM Informix Warehouse product, its architecture, its benefits and its intended users. The Informix Warehouse offering includes data compression and storage optimization. It discusses features that may be attractive to other Informix customers currently running on XPS or Red Brick.

1431 Dimensional Modeling for IBM Informix Warehouse Users

Data warehouses are designed to enable access to the data to facilitate reporting and analysis. The concepts of design have a language and approach all their own. IBM Informix Dynamic Server customers new to data warehousing should learn about the importance of data modeling and practical techniques for designing a data warehouse to serve their business needs.

1438 IBM Informix Embeddability Enhancements

Recent releases of IBM Informix Dynamic Server -- IBM's enterprise class embeddable data server -- have included many new features designed to make it easier to deeply embed a data server in your application. This session shows how to use these new features to reduce overhead and cost of embedding Informix Dynamic Server without user interaction.

1467 Building Data Warehouses with IBM Informix

IBM Informix is a great data warehouse server and is used by many customers as a warehouse database. With the new IBM Informix Warehouse Feature from IBM, it is an even better tool. This session will focus on our experience building warehouses, best practices for warehouse development and the exciting new features added in the Informix Warehouse Feature.

1538 Overview of Security and IBM Informix Dynamic Server

A high-level overview of security issues as they relate to IBM Informix Dynamic Server.

1564 Managing IDS Configuration and Performance with Server Studio and Sentinel

Are you getting top notch performance from your mission-critical IDS databases? Optimizing and tuning your IDS environment means managing ALL the pieces — not just your SQL. This presentation will introduce IDS developers and DBAs to the various new and updated tools in the Release 7 of Server Studio and Sentinel and demonstrate how and when to apply each to efficiently manage IDS configuration and optimize its performance. Learn some of the best practices, and save countless hours of wrestling with the complexity of your IDS infrastructure. Gain hands-on experience with the new wide-ranging functionality provided by latest release of AGS' Server Studio and Sentinel.

1760 Eat OATs? Open Source Graphical Database Administration with IBM OAT

Understand the capabilities and architecture of OAT -- OpenAdmin Tool for IBM Informix Dynamic Server. This will be an overview of the capabilities of the OpenAdmin Tool, highlighting such things as replication, query tracing, database compression, performance history graphs, auto update statistics, space management and many other capabilities. An overview of the architecture and what open source components are utilized within OpenAdmin Tool conclude this talk.

1763 Achieving the Ultimate in Performance with IBM Informix Dynamic Server

This presentation will focus on how a database administrator can improve the database performance with a concentrated effort on three main areas. First is storage optimization -- how to optimize data and index storage making the disk drives work for you. Second is SQL statements monitoring and turning -- how a database administrator can monitor and improve the performance of queries without modifying the application. Third is new monitoring and administration techniques added to version 11 to make a database administrator's life easier.

1884 Master Informix Enterprise Replication with the OpenAdmin Tool

The enterprise replication plugin is a free extension to the free OpenAdmin Tool for Informix Dynamic Server that allows one to interact with IBM Informix Dynamic Server Enterprise Replication technology through a browser. It makes enterprise replication easier to understand and use. Do you want to set up enterprise replication from scratch? Do you want to modify existing replicate and server settings? Do you want to monitor your enterprise replication domain? See how fast and easy it is with the OpenAdmin Tool.

1910 Understanding the IBM Informix Dynamic Server System Databases

This session is an updated version of last year's session on the same topic. The new syscdcv1 and sysadmin databases, along with the older sysmaster, sysusers and sysutils databases are explained, and examples of how each database might be used are given. These databases provide a way to easily customize administration and monitoring of databases and applications if you understand what is contained in them.

1979 Using the Change Data Capture API with Informix

Today's databases utilize a "logical log" to record the series of changes made via transactions. Various utilities (e.g., backup/restore tools) utilize this log, and beginning with IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.50.xC3, user applications can too. The new IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture API allows a C, Java or .NET application to see changes made to a given table. This enables a new type of user program.

1991 Availability Solutions within IBM Informix Dynamic Server

The IBM Informix Dynamic Server provides several availability solutions. This talk will provide an overview of the portfolio.

2331 Maximizing Storage Investment with IBM Informix Dynamic Server Compression

Learn how compression in IBM Informix Dynamic Server can help optimize your database storage and maximize your storage investment.

2351 IBM Cognos Express: BI and Planning for Midsize Organizations

Midsize companies are not unlike large enterprises in their need for business intelligence (BI) and performance management. However, they often have limited budgets, limited IT resources and limited expertise in these areas. This session will demonstrate the new IBM Cognos Express solution that provides the essential BI and planning capabilities midsize companies need. We will explore features and capabilities, including: - Simplified data modeling and creation of dimensions. - Building a self-service environment for reporting and analysis. - "What-if" scenario modeling. - Transforming spreadsheets for planning, budgeting and forecasting. - Creating actionable dashboards. - Benefits of in-memory OLAP. - Administration and management highlights.

2560 Developing and Prototyping Database Applications in the Cloud

Cloud computing has evolved to address the explosive growth of Internet-connected devices, and to complement the increasing presence of technology today. In this session, we will discuss best practices and strategies for prototyping and developing IBM database applications (both IBM DB2 and IBM Informix Dynamic Server) in public and private cloud computing platforms.

2631 Deploying IBM Databases in the Cloud with Amazon EC2

Cloud computing is the new buzzword in the industry, and the hype is getting to be quite intense. Some in the industry have likened it to the impact that microprocessors had on IT in the 1980s. Regardless of the hype, there is real promise. Come to this session to understand what cloud computing really is and how it applies to data and databases, such as IBM DB2 and IBM Informix Dynamic Server. Hear about the experiences of some of the early adopters, and learn the areas where benefits are real and where it is just empty hype.

2683 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Performance and Troubleshooting: Tips & Tricks

This session will cover performance and troubleshooting tips and tricks for the IBM Informix
Dynamic Server. Topics will include configurable page sizes, configuring Btree scanners, finding CPU-intensive processes and trigger-based replication for table reorganization.

2806 .NET Application Development in IBM DB2 and IBM Informix Dynamic Server

IBM DB2 and IBM Informix Dynamic Server are great fits for applications in the .NET environment. In this session, you will get an in-depth look at the .NET provider and Visual Studio add-ins, as well as the latest enhancements to support LINQ. You've heard about the ability to leverage static performance and security with existing Java applications using client optimization. Now you can drive down MIPS and improve security, stability and accountability for your .NET applications as well. Attention DB2 database administrators: You won't want to miss this talk!

2898 Optimizing IDS Physical Database Design Using Partitioning

This session will start with business scenarios (OLTP, warehousing, hybrid) for time cyclic data management and performance requirements, and creates examples of partitioning/fragmentation strategies appropriate for table and indexes. This session will also explain ways to exploit fragment elimination -- one of the crucial ways to improve performance.

3045 Secure & Availabile Public Finances with IBM IDS Continuous Availability

Secretaria de Finanzas (Sefin) in Mexico is the Jalisco's state agency responsible for all the finances and tax collections. They have been an IBM Informix user since 1998, and now they also use IBM Content Manager, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Tivoli, IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM Rational Solutions, IBM DB2 and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse. Sefin manages US$6 billion annually, with more than 300 collection offices and more than 3,500 (up to 8,000) concurrent users. They needed to improve their availability of services and operating hours to a 99.9999 level. To do this, they evaluated and selected IBM Informix Dynamic Server Continuous Availability Feature along with perimetral security, DMZ configuration and hardware actualization.

3046 IBM Informix Roadmap

Jerry Keesee, director of IBM Informix Database Development, will summarize key highlights of Informix Dynamic Server, including the latest release information and upcoming product plans.

3047 Keeping Costs Low and Maximizing Flexibility for Jamaica Using IDS

The Jamaican Government relies on IBM Informix Dynamic Server to keep their IT costs low and provide the flexibility needed to react quickly to constantly changing requirements. With over 50 mission critical applications deployed across 40 locations, they rely on the performance, ease of use and reliability of IBM Informix Dynamic Server. Their complex systems incorporate sophisticated business logic and complex SQL to meet the needs of these government solutions. Learn about the best practices that FSL Jamaica uses to deliver high quality and reliable solutions with IDS.

3205 Integrated Data Management - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

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